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In a world which seems to rush through everything, Baran Cycleworks takes the time to provide a personalised experience for each customer. This ensures that no matter what you come in for, we will help you find the products or services that will suit you best.


We love riding, and we want to help everyone enjoy bikes as much as we do. The experience of being out on two wheels, whether on a gravel, road or MTB is one that we want to share with you.


By providing you with the best possible advice, service and equipment, you’ll feel at home on the bike. Based on our riding experience, we’ve also worked with prominent international carbon manufacturers to bring you our own custom wheels and frames. These products are developed based on real world experience and represent the best value products of the highest quality


We love nothing more than building custom bikes and helping you achieve the stoke that comes from the simple joy of riding bikes


You can find out about our services on the relevant page or come to a ride day to have a chat, but if you can’t wait that long, then come into the Camberwell shop and let’s talk bikes over a coffee.

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